Thirty years ago my rapidly deteriorating cognitive, mental, emotional and physical health necessitated a year of doctors’ visits and finally emergency hospitalization for extensive testing and evaluation. One doctor’s suspicion of a possible “brain tumor” was ultimately diagnosed as a “psychosomatic illness” and I was referred to a psychiatrist.

Weakened, frightened, and embarrassed by the diagnosis, and thinking I had no other option, I reluctantly began therapy—counseling, tranquilizers and sleeping pills.

However, panic stricken with a precipitous weight loss and emerging life-threatening symptoms I quickly sought alternative therapy.

Within one week of being dismissed from the hospital I found myself 2000 miles from home, in Houston, Texas at the clinic of Dr. Keith S. Lowell, M.D.

Dr. Lowell, educated by traditional medicine, was forced to search for an alternative therapy to save his own life when, at the age of 50, he was diagnosed with a fatal condition, polythycemia—cancer of the red blood cells. He was 68 years old when I first saw him and passed away at 81.

Instead of a “psycho-somatic” illness, Dr. Lowell diagnosed my many symptoms the result of “reactive hypoglycemia.” He prescribed a strict diet, a few nutritional supplements, a detoxification program and some lifestyle changes. I recovered from all symptoms and have maintained and enjoyed good health since 1974.

The experience that almost took my life literally altered my life—and its purpose.

Desperately trying to understand why allopathic medicine misdiagnosed my condition, exposing me to humiliation and, as a result, inappropriate therapy (mistreatment) with medications that have exacerbating adverse effects, I began to study.

Starting with the lessons learned from my physician (mentor) and the recovery experience itself, I traveled the U.S. attending every health conference I could find. I met pioneers in the field of alternative medicine. I attended their classes, visited their clinics (some in Mexico), talked to their patients, and read their books. Many of these pioneers, formerly referred to as “quacks”, like my mentor I found to be years ahead of their time.

In 1977, when my story was first published in the local newspaper, I was bombarded with calls from desperate people with a variety of medical diagnoses and failed treatments. Two other articles in out-of-town papers brought the same response. Counseling with these people took me another step in my life-altering learning experience.

With testing many were found to have imbalances similar to mine. With guidance and their commitment to make necessary changes, they also recovered.

By word of mouth, my opportunity to counsel others grew. Along with the experience of working with a multitude of health issues for many years, came the evolution of an unbelievable realization and discovery. Pieces of a puzzle began to merge to form an amazing picture.  One that I soon felt was not just something I had discovered, but something I had also “uncovered,” and I felt it needed to be told.

I returned to college in 1991 to establish credibility in the field of health and nutrition. I graduated in 1996 with a degree in dietetics and a desire to carry on my mission—the mission to spread the word that the key to health lies in BALANCE. During my time in college I was interviewed again, and my story appeared in a Milwaukee paper.

No doctor, drug, surgery, counseling or nutritional supplement can correct any cognitive, mental, emotional or physical symptom caused by imbalance within the body. The choice is ours. Our lifestyle and everything we do and consume affects our internal balance. If we don’t control our chemistry, it will control us!

We can ignore all life’s rules and rationalize that a little bit of this and a little bit of that won’t hurt us. However, a little bit of this and a little bit of that every day adds up. The effects are cumulative. You will pay a price. You can fool yourself, but never your cells.

I don’t want anyone to learn the hard way. It can be debilitating and even deadly. It can cause you to have a lifetime of volatile moods, emotions and even supposed insanity; and it can cost you relationships, success, efficiency in functioning and performance, compromising all aspects of life—not to mention the financial cost in doctor, hospital and drug expense.  And, all of it is so unnecessary.

This web site is for you. I will share with you the knowledge and the tools to restore balance and vibrant health. The solution is simple. All you need is some education (knowledge), motivation, commitment and support. My intent is to provide you with that through this Web site.