8 grams of protein per slice! (about 1.2 oz. or 34 grams)

< 2 gram carbohydrate per slice

5 grams of healthy fats per slice

It's no run-of-the-mill "low carb" (in fact we don't even like the term) bread that tastes awful.

It's a high protein bread that's in its own class and tastes good!

No one in the world has this bread or anything close.





Gluten free.... perfect for gluten free diets.

No flours whatsoever, including Soy

No worthless fillers


Body Balance “Feel Good” breads are the end result of my 3-year project to formulate breads that taste good and promote healthy balance.

    Ø       Balanced nutrition

Ø       Balanced blood sugar

Ø       Balanced weight


Balanced Nutrition


The breads are a proprietary blend of high-quality proteins in specific proportions that result in a combination of low carbohydrates and a medium amount of healthy fats—a formula proven from live-cell studies to promote health and healing.

The breads are jam-packed with high-protein ingredients from several natural sources. Flax meal and flax oil, along with ground nuts and seeds, provide healthy fiber and oils.

The breads are so alive that unless kept frozen or refrigerated, they will begin to spoil in two to three days. My mentor, the late Dr. Keith S. Lowell, Houston, Texas, instructed me to: “Never eat anything that doesn’t spoil. Just eat it before it spoils.” If a food doesn’t spoil, it’s a “dead” food. Unless it has life, it can’t support life.

Our Basic Bread ingredients list is whole eggs, cottage cheese, cream cheese, non GMO soy protein isolates, BGH free whey protein isolate, egg protein isolate, walnuts, flaxseed meal, buttermilk, sour cream, flaxseed oil, baking soda and sea salt.


Balanced Blood Sugar


Body Balance bread was initially formulated for those who had to reduce carbohydrates to maintain blood-sugar balance, so critical to good health. However, the health benefits of Body Balance breads are important for all of us.

With less than 2 grams of carbohydrate per slice, the breads are ideal for those sensitive to carbohydrates—diabetics, hypoglycemics and many more with dysglycemia (variations of blood sugar instability), the majority of whom are not even aware they have the problem.

With 8 grams of high-quality protein per slice (25% more than one egg), Body Balance bread provides important building blocks for body cells, immunity, tissue maintenance and repair, and energy.

The 5 grams of healthy fats provide oils essential for healthy skin, body and cell membranes, and energy. In addition, fats act like fiber by softening stools for easy passage through the digestive tract.


Balanced Weight


Excess carbohydrates and fats can cause weight gain. Body Balance breads are high in protein, extremely low in carbohydrates and contain a moderate amount of healthy fats. The breads help support healthy weight by:

Ø       their ingredient proportions

Ø       their ability to balance blood sugar

Ø       their satiety effects (the ability to control cravings and appetite)


Consumers Comments


Responses to the bread have been positive. People say the bread …

Ø       “tastes better than any low-cab bread I’ve tried”

Ø       “gave me energy: made me feel better”

Ø       “pulled me out of a weak spell”

Ø       “increased my ability to focus and concentrate”

Ø       “calmed me down when I was feeling hyper and restless.”

Ø       “stopped my cravings for junk-food snacks”

Ø       “helped improve my endurance and athletic performance”

Ø       “helped cut my smoking from 1 pack to 4 cigarettes a day"

Ø       “I can go all morning on just a couple slices of Georgia Toast."



Why Georgia's Bread for Balance costs more


Body Balance Breads cost far more to produce. The recipe is extremely delicate and labor intensive. It took five years of intensive research and dedication to perfect this proprietary recipe.

Wheat bread is inexpensive to make. Wheat flour in baker quantities is about 20 cents a pound. Ingredient costs for a commercial one pound loaf of white bread are next to nothing yet retail over two dollars for a one pound loaf.

Our Body Balance bread, however, is loaded with costly ingredients. Body Balance bread is one and a half pounds of high quality protein ingredients, including several eggs and a proprietary blend of three 100% protein isolates. One hundred percent protein currently retails between $16 and $19 per pound. We use no fillers to force a lower carbohydrate content. We don't even call this a "low carb" bread. It's in a class by itself. It's is a very special bread made the right way. 

Body Balance Bread contains no flours, including rice, potato, or soy. Only the highest quality gluten free ingredients are used. Besides being totally safe for celiac sufferers, this bread provides the balanced nutrients necessary for promoting and maintaining a stable blood sugar.

This bread is virtually hand made in small batches in our bakery and not processed in commercial huge batches, so each loaf receives individual attention with hands on quality. We even slice it by hand as there is no high volume mechanical slicer that slices to our thickness.

In a one ounce slice of Body Balance bread you get more protein than you would get from eating one ounce of high grade beef tenderloin and still at a lower cost than the ounce of tenderloin. There is even more protein in a single slice than contained in 1/2 cup of eastern canned oysters.  

The bottom line is you get what you pay for. And in Body Balance Bread you get every penny of what you pay for and then some. You can't buy a better bread anywhere.


What The Breads Do Not Contain


Ø       grain flours

Ø       gluten

Ø       yeast

Ø       sugar

Ø       artificial sweeteners

Ø       artificial colors

Ø       added preservatives

Ø      nothing not stated on the label


The grain flours are high in carbohydrates and gluten.

Gluten has been documented to cause damage to intestinal lining, to disrupt nutrient absorption and to create inflammation in some individuals. It has been reported that 1 in 250 people has severe reactions to gluten.

Individuals who are plagued with yeast overgrowth or infection should avoid yeast. An overgrowth of yeast can compromise the immune system.

Sugars feed yeast, disturb blood sugar and hormones, contribute to weight gain and have no nutritive value.

Artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and preservatives are artificial, controversial, have no nutritive value and may be toxic.

I have found that  sugar-sweetened sodas  create unhealthy rises in blood sugar, and that sodas with artificial sweeteners can have the opposite effect: they can cause unhealthy drops in blood sugar.


Why Body Balance breads can make you “Feel Good”


By supporting blood sugar balance, the breads, along with Body Balance protein powder drinks, help provide a steady supply of fuel to every cell in the body. Cells must be properly fueled every second of the day to produce the energy to help you …

Ø       think clearly

Ø       feel good

Ø       behave rationally

Ø       maintain immunity against viruses, bacteria and disease

Ø       prevent degeneration

Ø       slow the aging process

My mentor warned, “If you don’t control your chemistry, your chemistry will control you.”

Unstable blood sugar can cause many symptoms often misdiagnosed as mental or emotional conditions. It can also be the underlying cause of many physical complaints.


Ways to use the bread


Ø       as a great between-meal snack with your favorite spread … especially with a Body Balance protein drink

Ø       grilled in a pan with a little butter…it melts in your mouth

Ø       Georgia Toast with a flavored cream cheese or sugar free topping (see recipes)

Ø       toasted or grilled and topped with poached eggs

Ø       as grilled cheese or with any favorite sandwich filling

Ø       with soups … plain, toasted, or grilled in butter

Ø       as croutons (cubed and grilled in a pan with butter or olive oil and seasonings)

Ø       A FAVORITE: Cinnamon Nut bread (plain or toasted) topped with a Philadelphia flavored cream cheese spread: Cheesecake, Honey Nut, Strawberry or Pineapple

Pick your favorite or try all five: Plain, Cinnamon Nut, Garlic, Lemon Poppy Seed, and Chive.

Cost per loaf is $12.95 plus shipping.

All Breads can be ordered by phone now.

Order Breads

Breads are double bagged and shipped by UPS or Priority Mail, in quantities of 2, 6 or 12 loaves. Price breaks apply to the higher quantities. Order and mix of flavors at $12.95 per loaf.

Bread should be kept frozen until used for best freshness.