Group Workshops

You or your group or organization can personally enlist my services, and I will tailor each member of the group to the Body Balance program so that you can regain lost health, or maximize optimum health.

What will I learn at a Workshop?

You will learn -

  • Whether or not you have a balanced metabolism

  • How an unbalanced metabolism affects your physical, mental, and emotional well being

  • The nine major causes of metabolic imbalance

  • How you can restore and maintain perfect balance and heal.

What are the benefits of attending the workshop?

  • Discovering your personal metabolism

  • Discovering why your metabolism is out of balance

  • Learning how to correct an out-of balance metabolism

  • Learning how to maintain good health through a balanced metabolism

What are the specifics of the workshop?

  • A personal 4-5 hr glucose tolerance test

  • A personal interpretation of the GTT

  • pH monitoring of urine and saliva

  • Learning dietary and lifestyle factors

What do I take home?

  • Glucometer ($25 to $125 value)

  • pH testing paper ($10 value)

  • Blood sugar results (done in hospitals - $350)

  • 8 oz blender cup ($5 value)

  • food scale ($10 value)

  • Nutrition education and consultation ($160 value)

  • Ratio Diet booklet ($3.95)

  • Body Balance diet software - optional at $49.95

How much is the workshop?

The 8-hr workshop is only

  • $100/person for groups of 10 or more

  • $150/person for 5 to 9

  • $250/person for 2 to 4 (in my office)