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These help files are comprehensive user friendly and HTML formatted for easy navigation. We have made every effort to explain not only the software operation, but also the Body Balance principles, thus helping you pave your way to good health through proper meal planning and eating.

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Georgia's Meal Planner for Balance

 Help File Topic Index

The Basics
 Greetings From Georgia

    Meal Planner Background
How it works

    What Can I Expect?

Overview (a brief description)

Meal Planning Fundamentals, Tutorial
What will I learn here?

    Planning Which Foods

    Five Simple Steps to Good Eating

    Basic Steps to Planning a Meal

    Planning a Typical Breakfast

    Planning a Typical Lunch

    Planning a Typical Supper

    Planning a Typical Snack

    How to Make a Recipe

All About Weights and Measures

    What will I learn here?

    Why Weigh and Measure?   

    When to Weigh and Measure

    To Weigh, Measure or Estimate

    How to Weigh Foods

The Databases

    What will I learn here?

    About the Food Databases

    Meal Planner Database

    USDA Food Database

    User Personal Database



 How to Plan and Balance a Meal, Tutorial

    What will I learn here?

    The Control Panel
Loading Foods into the Food Selection Box
    Selecting Foods for Meal Planning

    Changing the Your Serving Size
Balancing the Meal 

    Print or View a Balanced Meal Summary

     Modifying a Balanced Meal

    Search for a Food

    Setting the Proportion Factors
Setting the Make-up Protein Factor

   What is the Offending Food Readout?

   What is the Makeup Protein Readout?

 The Nutrition Facts Label

    What will I learn here?
    Nutrition Facts Label Background
    Nutrition Facts Label Examples
    What Label Data is required?
    Choosing the Serving Measurement
    Choosing the Food Type

 About Georgia's Meal Planner for Balance Logo

    The Conventional Food Pyramid

    The Body Balance Food Pyramid (our Logo)

  Meal Planner Guidelines

  USDA abbreviations (used in the USDA database)

  USDA equivalences

  Georgia's Meal Planner FAQ's

  License and Disclaimer Agreement
  Health Disclaimer.

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