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Please study these Help Files carefully. Eating and planning your meals is a dedicated effort. There are no easy outs, so I want you know how to go about it so you can enjoy the maximum health benefits.


I also want you to know what's behind this method of meal planning. You should know what to expect when you eat your meals planned by this software. It is my goal for you to enjoy this way of eating, and for you to discover a bright new pathway to good health, and hence to your happiness.

Every effort was made to develop these help files for easy understanding, always keeping in mind that you purchased this software with your goal to regain your health by eating properly. Our goal is to make sure you totally understand how easy it is to plan and enjoy a new way of eating.

On behalf of myself, my staff at Body Balance by Georgia, LLC, and the fabulous guys at Electrocomp Consultants (my awesome web masters and software engineers), we all hope you find this software an asset to your heath.

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Revision March 2008

Meal Planner Background


Hundreds of diet and meal planning software programs exist, but none balance the three basic essential nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and fats to specific proportion factors based upon live cell research studies. This software does. Based upon the results of live cell studies dating into the 1950's, a team of four independent medical scientists and doctors discovered that human cells thrive and achieve maximum growth when the human organism is nourished with exactly the right ratio of the three essential nutrients. Most all other factors being set aside, it was found that when persons were fed consistently balanced meals based upon the research, that those persons enjoyed maximum health benefits, and in most all cases even life threatening illnesses were reversed with complete recovery from the symptoms.

Their research was never made public, and to our knowledge was never published. Their study results deviated from accepted principles of diet and health and in fact the science of dietetics was fairly new then, with the RDA having only been established slightly over a decade prior to the studies, by the The Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences. The four doctors involved in the research have all passed away, yet their findings were assumed to be a dietetic concept and integrated into a program at the Lowell Clinic in Houston, TX until the late 1980's when Dr. Keith S. Lowell, M.D., founder of the clinic and team member, passed away. During the time the Lowell Clinic was in operation, thousands of people availed themselves to the services of the clinic with startling results.

Today, the Lowell Clinic no longer exists, but, the principles of meal planning, exactly as they were then, are the basis for this software. Each patient at the Lowell Clinic was taught how to calculate every meal by hand or with a calculator, and with the aid of food nutrient value lookup tables, they were required to design each meal upon their release from the clinic. The process was extremely tedious and difficult for patients, plus some were not skilled in basic math. But, most were committed as the options were learn it, or let your health slide and suffer the consequences. Georgia Janisch, R.D., is one that did learn, and survived an illness that otherwise would have been fatal. Today Georgia is alive and well.

Now after over 30 years of teaching that same system of nutrient balance to her clients, and observing the startling results, Georgia's Meal Planner is now offered to the public. There is no other diet or meal planning program offered that balances body chemistry, that also has five decades of history asserting its effectiveness.

Good eating should not be a complex science, but unfortunately it's hopelessly confusing. Fundamental believable concepts for good eating simply do not exist. Unless we can consider the USDA Food Pyramid a good eating concept, little else defines how humans should eat. However, massive amounts of confusing information abounds with regards to thousands of different diets, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, calories, net carbs, and a long list of other factors that contribute to human nutrition. Perhaps confusion results because prestigious health organizations, associations and specific government agencies are the assumed health authorities, and their media people press release their perceptions of what constitutes good health based upon random snatches of data funneled in from funded studies. That ever changing information, in bits and pieces, filters into society, college text books and other professional literature and journals and, hence, sets the health standards for our society, regardless whether the information is correct or not. The alternative health field viewpoints--mostly in disagreement with the established viewpoints--adds immensely to the confusion.

Over scores of millennia, man has strayed from his original Paleolithic type of diet--that is, the diet that was most presumed to have been consumed by early man in his natural habitat. Some books written on the Paleolithic diet share this much in common--each maintains that early man survived primarily on diets of proteins and fats obtained from eating wild animals and birds, while obtaining adequate other essential nutrients from fruits, berries, seeds, nuts and vegetables. It is impossible to determine exactly what foods were consumed, but apparently early man obtained a natural food balance, within his climate environment, that prevented disease, and provided him good health. Today that balance is virtually impossible to achieve, for multiple reasons, but primarily due to a lack of sound nutritional concepts and knowing what foods provide nutritional balance.

We, by no means, embrace the Paleolithic diet, but instead suggest only that early man apparently maintained a dietetic nutrient balance that is perhaps quite similar in concept to the operating principles of Georgia's Meal Planner.

The best dietary information available, makes virtually no attempt to include the principles of early man's dietary history and habits. Instead we face a controlled release of randomly acquired information, assembled into bundled montages consisting of perceptual dots, and delivered by those who have been assigned the job of health overseers. A quick glance at the overseers Food Pyramid immediately reveals they recommend an inversely balanced diet--one that is virtually in total opposition to the presumed natural diet of man.

The seemingly overlooked approach in every diet, nutritional, or health program, etc, is how to balance the nutrients with respect to each other in the proper proportions that result in balanced body chemistry, thus promoting maximum overall health through regenerative cellular growth.

How It Works


Georgia's Meal Planner designs perfect meals using specific nutrient ratios, or proportion factors, that have been found as ideal for balancing body chemistry, maintaining that chemistry, and thus aiding the body to regain lost health or to improve failing health.

This software balances the three primary essential nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and fats with respect to each other using one of four specific proportion factors (ratios). Other meals that are not balanced or prepared using at least the minimal proportion factor will over time contribute to long-term cell degeneration thus generally leading to lessened health. When the body grows new cells most health problems can be reversed. This software has the power to design the perfect meals, without guesswork and without the questions that lurk with other diet and meal planners. Most all other diet planners are theory,  and we don't know of one that is designed around around rebuilding cell growth.

Calories and other factors usually associated with nutrition are of no importance to Georgia's Meal Planner. For maximum health benefits, each meal and snack must be computed and then consumed using this software. Maximum health benefits have been shown to happen when a person eats the planned meals as routine. One should also follow the Guidelines for those persons interested in rebuilding their health.

Precise nutrient balancing is unique and proprietary to this software and to this method of achieving better health goals. No other meal planning software does this. Using proprietary slicing and balancing algorithms, any selected meal list is balanced perfectly to the exact selected proportion factor. This can only be done, however, when the user applies some basic knowledge in the selection of foods that will comprise the final meal.

For this method to work properly, your meals need to consist of adequate protein. Why? Because protein is the single essential nutrient for building human cells. Cells do not, nor can they rebuild or regenerate on a diet of carbohydrates or fats. They only build from consuming balanced amounts of protein in conjunction with balanced amounts of carbohydrates and fats. When planning a meal, you need to select most of your foods from high protein sources and that includes meat, poultry, cheeses, fish, and eggs. Vegetables generally are not a good source of high protein, although they contribute to the overall diet. Conventional diet wisdom has taught for decades that protein is not very important, that we can get along on as little as 12 to 30 grams a day. Simple observation of the state of the health of the people in this country should prompt you to ask yourself, "Is this good advice?" This meal planner assures you of getting the correct protein so your body can rebuild and then maintain good health for as long as you want.

Here is the basic concept of nutrient balancing. All foods contain varying amounts of the basic nutrients essential to life. To function, the human body must have nutrients derived from food. The nutrients known to be essential for human beings are proteins, carbohydrates, fats and oils, minerals, vitamins, and water. In the Body Balance system, a perfect balanced meal contains those foods where the total proteins and carbohydrates plus fats are maintained at a specific value with respect to the total gram amount for the entire meal. To simplify the meal planner software and relieve the user of unnecessary details we chose not to dwell on numbers, but rather on function. However, for this discussion we introduce at least one number, that of the ideal proportion factor, having the ratio of 70/30. This means that of the sum gram total of the added nutrient weights for the three essential nutrients, 70% must be in proteins and the remaining 30% must be in carbohydrates plus fats. The total summed weight of the carbohydrates plus fats may be any amount, providing they comprise 30% of the total. When every meal is prepared and consumed to that specific ratio of nutrients, eventually cells grow properly and the body returns to good health.

The detailed theory about how this eating method works plus the intricate interlinking associated chemical changes are not included with Help File. Primarily, what happens then is that the body chemistry shifts, resulting in positive changes and even dreaded diseases such as ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and MS have been successfully reversed by persons who have implemented this eating method as routine.

The Meal Planner balances any meal you request it to balance, however, selecting foods judiciously is the key. The balancing algorithms are very intuitive and will try to balance your meal leaving as much in tact from your wish list foods as possible. Foods that cannot fit the balance equation are eliminated and you are left with the best of the foods from your selections. If you use discretion in what you choose to eat, the Meal Planner will use discretion in planning your meal. However, if you go about it putting forth no effort to choose proper foods, then the Meal Planner will go about hacking and slicing and could even leave you with nothing to eat.

We emphasize, you will need to design every meal and snack using this software. When you do, you will notice significant health improvements, regardless of your health condition. The guidelines section outlines recommended additional steps that should be incorporated in conjunction to eating meals designed with this software.

                 What Can I Expect?



Disclaimer: The FDA is the protectorate of your health in America. They are responsible for health information they feel is correct according to their studies, and there needs to be sufficient scientific agreement among qualified experts that any claims are factual and truthful. The following information, provided as part of these help files, do not constitute health claims. It is generally regarded as illegal, in the United States, to make health claims for certain health products offered for sale that are not medically or FDA approved. Any health claims with regards to dietary supplements, or other targeted health related products that do not specifically have FDA approval or some assumed approval by the medical profession in the United States may, therefore, be in violation of FDA rules.

Therefore, the information provided under this heading, and throughout the rest of these help files, is based solely upon observations, personal opinions and testimonials, and no health claims are made or implied. The information contained within this subtopic is provided solely for supporting your understanding of the operation of this software and not for the purpose of selling you the software or convincing you that this software is the final answer to perfect health. You the user are at risk if you assume anything to be a health claim with regards to these help files and included software. You are further advised to consult with a licensed medical professional for your health concerns.


                  Alright, so what can I expect?


Our Answer: Over three decades of observing people who have chosen this method of eating, it has been demonstrated that, virtually every health condition was reversed, went into remission, minimized or vanished entirely. Those persons who understood how to plan their meals and ate every meal and snack according to the balanced nutrient rules, over time enjoyed a normal and either mostly free or an entirely symptom free life. This included persons having medically diagnosed conditions such as, diabetes, hypoglycemia, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), MS, overweight, ADHD, panic attacks, fatigue, back pain, arthritis, allergies, constipation, headaches, depression, and most all other chronic conditions, diseases and illnesses. The list of health conditions that are corrected or reversed is almost endless. Your results may or may not include what others have experienced depending on your dedication and understanding of the Body Balance method of eating. The more a person understands, and the more committed they are to eating and engaging the Body Balance program, the more dramatic the observed results have been. (Note: the forgoing is not a claim and no statements have been approved by the FDA.)