Meal Planner Guidelines


This page presents the general guidelines required for this method of eating to have maximum effect.

Guideline Commentary

This software plans meals that have been shown to greatly improve health, perhaps unlike any other eating program. No other meal planning software program features the restructuring and regeneration properties of meals when designed and consumed using Georgia's Meal Planner. This system of balancing nutrients has a track record of over fifty years including several thousand patients that were under medical care from one of the founding physicians in Texas. The track record confirms its effectiveness. For the method to work at maximum efficiency the following guidelines are provided. It is recommended that they be followed as closely as possible for this method of eating to work and the full benefits realized.

The effectiveness of this method of eating,  lies in the consumption of the perfect ratio of the three main nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. When these nutrients are consumed consistently, in the exact ratio, cell regeneration results. Eating other ways or random nutrient combining  will contributes to long-term cell degeneration. When the body grows new cells a reversal in bad health in most all cases results.

These guidelines generally assume you have chosen the Ideal Proportion Factor and want to balance your body and regain lost health. You can, of course, and its highly  advised to follow these guidelines for the Sustaining Proportion Factor also. Strict adherence is somewhat less important, as the reconstruction phase is over, and therefore, some relaxation of the guidelines is permitted.

The Guidelines

1. No cheating allowed (that means eating incorrectly or inconsistently)

Reason: This method is a precise method to bring balance to a body out of balance.  Cheating or radical deviation from the guidelines can cause glitches in its operation within the body. Meals designed by this software bring stability to an unstable environment. Once this stability has started working in the system, it is essential that it be maintained. Dietary shocks such as the consumption of excessive carbohydrates, tobacco, alcohol must be eliminated. It’s easy to say, “Just this little bit this time won’t hurt me” or, “Just this once”, or “I’ll have a little of this and make up for it later”, or, “I don’t see how this will hurt me any”, and on and on. Just remember if you do cheat, it will take that much longer to make the corrections. It has been found, that ingesting just a single teaspoon of sugar can take three days for the body to overcome the shock resulting to an unstable glandular system. 

The emphasis is: all meals and snacks must be designed by this software. For maximum health benefits to occur, every meal and snack must have been approved by this software before entering your body. If it is not, and you decide to drink a soda pop or have a little piece of this or that, then, this method of eating will not work properly.

2. Drink at least 8 glasses of pure water a day.

Reason: This diet requires that the system remain in a state of cleansing. Since the diet is high in protein, it is imperative that the system be flushed daily with pure drinking water. If possible avoid ordinary tap water. Tap water contains hundreds of known toxins including chlorine, fluorine and nitrates. Drink RO purified, distilled, or spring water if possible.

3. Avoid stress (as much as you possibly can)

Reason: Stress might be of several kinds, such as emotional, chemical, or physical and can windup exerting endocrine stress. Stress aggravates the endocrine gland system causing it to compensate by increasing, or decreasing certain hormone secretions in an effort to maintain system stability. In an already damaged system these efforts may result in discomfort and may trigger unpleasant symptoms thereby off setting the gains that already have been made.

4. Avoid strenuous exercise.

Reason: Exercise in a normally healthy body is excellent. However, a person with endocrine instability cannot handle a high level of physical stress. Exercise should be limited to walking, or bouncing on a mini-bouncer until the endocrine system is capable of system support without becoming unstable.

5 Get plenty of sleep.

Reason: Rest during the reconstruction phase is essential. During this period the body must have additional rest time over and above the normal periods required in a healthy body. Don't fight sleep. If you can fall asleep where you are then do so.

6. Avoid restaurant foods for a while.

Reason: Restaurant food does not provide the necessary nutrient ratios. It is virtually impossible to choose correctly balanced foods especially in fast food outlets. Furthermore most restaurant food is overcooked and enzyme deficient thus rendering it almost useless in the system, Once your body has grained some stability and you understand the diet mechanics better, then you can go into restaurants and special order foods that will maintain your diet close to your chosen proportion factor. Before you can do this though, you must have a thorough understanding of the diet and how to balance the nutrients around your proportion factor.

7. Eat meals at regular times.

Reason: The secret to system rebuilding is regularity. Stability is achieved by ensuring that things happen at the same time. Timing is important. Plan your schedule so meals do not vary in time by more than 15 minutes either way from day to day.

8. Snacks are essential. They also must be eaten at regular times.

Reason: The time between meals may range 4 to 5 hours. Stability in the system must be maintained during these periods. Consume snacks at regular intervals. Good snacks are cheeses, nuts, hard boiled eggs, very high protein bars, and anything high in protein and low in carbohydrates plus fats. Try to keep snacks as close to the ideal proportion factor as possible by running the ingredients through the Meal Planner.

 9. Bowel maintenance is essential.

 Reason: Protein has a tendency to be constipating. Natural Intestinal bulking agents may be used if the need arises.

10. Use minimal amounts or none of these foods in planning meals, even though they may be part of the included food databases.

Refined sugar products and anything containing sugar like rolls, candy, cakes, cookies, pies, ice cream, etc.

Commercial breakfast cereals (corn flakes, Cheerios etc.)

Foods with refined wheat flour

Fried foods

Cooked cereals, even grains from health food stores

Fruit juices including orange, apple etc.

Canned foods (tuna, salmon, olives excepted)

Processed milk, Coffee, Tea, Alcohol, Tobacco

Most saturated fats

Hydrogenated fats (margarine, peanut butter)

Processed meats (wieners, sandwich meats, bacon, etc.)

Foods containing artificial colorings

Artificial sweeteners, pop and diet sodas

Decaffeinated coffee

Starches, macaroni, pastas, pizzas, white breads, etc.

Internally consumed over the counter digestive aids


Reason: These foods and remedies are not totally conducive to the balance systems of the body and are not totally healthy foods. It is important to maintain compatibility between the food consumed and your body's ability to turn it into useful energy and cell growth in its effort to maintain high system efficiency during the reconstruction phase. Certain foods may not outwardly appear as destructive to the system, such as fruit juices, but should be avoided nevertheless as they artificially raise blood glucose levels thus inducing unstable factors into an already unstable system.

Furthermore most foods in the above category are predominantly high in carbohydrates and are usually difficult or impossible to incorporate into the meal calculations. It is best to avoid them when you can.

Over the counter digestive aids etc., chemically disrupt the normal food processing mechanism thus causing digestive inefficiency and poor utilization of the food consumed.

11. Eat in abundance any of the following foods and use the Meal Planner to determine how much.

All fresh fruits and vegetables

All whole meats and fowl including beef, chicken and pork

All fish

Natural grain breads

Eggs poached, hard or soft-boiled

Natural cheeses

Most nuts and seeds

Cold pressed poly-unsaturated oils in salad dressing

Natural peanut butter and other nut butters (unprocessed)

Reason: These foods are all compatible with the biological processing systems of the body. They contain the necessary sources of nutrients and enzymes necessary in maintaining energy levels and will eventually restore homeostasis to the system. Eat red meat (beef) rare if possible. Overcooking destroys vital enzymes such as protease and digestion becomes inhibited or slowed.