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The Conventional Food Pyramid Before 2005

Conventionality has given us the current food pyramid charts. In theory if Americans ate according to the charts' serving advice, vibrant health would be the result. Instead the opposite occurs, as we observe the overall health of Americans spiraling downward at an alarming rate. How can this be? Maybe people follow the charts' advice, and eat according to the guidelines.

Critical analysis, using the Body Balance Principle, reveals the pre 2005 chart below to be upside down and some food groups are not only incorrect, but are also in wrong places. The essential nutrient ratios, as recommended by the daily serving suggestions, are skewed so dramatically from a balanced perspective, that achieving long term vibrant health benefits would be most difficult, if not impossible  The results of eating using these guidelines, may marginally sustain health, however, chances are that poor health will not improve, nor will the body mend by growing healthier cells. These Pyramids were designed around beliefs in old nutritional literature, popular public opinions, conventional thinking and worse yet upon what professional groups, associations, committees and government agencies have collectively perceived and approved. Their food pyramids are not based upon any rational or scientific concepts considered as the ideal diet for humans, but rather upon generally accepted eating recommendations. These guidelines were amended and brought into new standards for 2005. (see those below)

The Conventional USDA Food Pyramid Before 2005

The USDA Updated and Approved Conventional Food Pyramid After 2005

(Appears more in error than the one above according to Body Balance Concepts)

The 2005 updates actually appeared to make the imbalances even more severe.  The pyramid appears to be used more as a symbol and does not appear to necessarily represent portions or suggested quantities. However, if one can estimate from the width of the triangles within the pyramid structure, and if it was the intent of the pyramid designers to depict the serving portions as relative areas of the triangles, then we may have a very dangerous dietary condition. As noted in the last triangle on the right, proteins have been moved to the last position with the recommendation to "Go Lean." An absolute recipe for poor health! What is happening to dietary sanity? It appears to have gone the way of everything else, where popular thinking prevails, and all rational concepts are outdated and forgotten.

The Body Balance Food Pyramid (our Logo)

The Body Balance logo is an inverted pyramid. It does not represent popular thinking. It represents the results of scientific studies designed to investigate how diet effects human cell growth. These studies were done in the 1950's and our logo is a tribute to the medical and scientific team that conducted those studies. The outcome of the studies taught the researchers how proper eating resulted in maximum health benefits and promoted healthy cellular growth: the key being nutrient balance. Our logo is not arbitrary or collectively designed by associations, committees or government agencies, but instead is based upon that research in the 1950's and has since proven to produce maximum health benefits in practice. It is not updated or changed depending on what diet fad or who decides what is good for you. It just is. Also our colors were chosen before the USDA formulated their colors. There is a striking resemblance between their colors and ours. We did NOT copy theirs, but we wonder where they got theirs from.

As a comparison to the Conventional Food Pyramids, shown above, note that some of the food groups in our pyramid have been rearranged and consolidated while a different importance rating has been assigned to them.

Proper eating is a matter of balance, so our pyramid is balanced on the point, not on the base. The essential vital protein foods appear at the top, while the lesser essential carbohydrate and fat foods appear in angular shapes pointed into the ground. The starch producing carbohydrate foods, depicted in violet, are not capable in structure of promoting good health, when consumed in the overwhelming and grossly disproportionate daily serving amounts, as suggested by the pyramid above.

The nutrient balanced diet is predominately comprised of foods belonging to the foods in the yellow and orange shapes, so they are placed at the top of the inverted pyramid. The orange represents the meat, fish, and poultry group, while nuts, eggs, cheese and other dairy products are represented by yellow.

The vegetables, in green, symbolize green vegetables and leafy plants usually associated with the group.

The fruits, in red, represent the suns rays as they ripen the fruits hanging on the trees and vines. The red and green groups provide essential elements that promote good health and cell structure when combined in balanced proportions with the other food groups.

 The fat group, in blue, represents the lesser important foods, however, when fats are combined in the proper proportion with the other groups, they are essential to good health.

The heavy carbohydrate or starch producing group, in violet, represents the least important group to nutrient balance, and are included in our pyramid to represent that when these foods are combined in the proper ratio with the other groups, they will not degrade health, but can still contribute overall to a perfect diet. 

Georgia's Meal Planner computes perfectly balanced meals from all these groups, so you can eat and stay healthy every day. There is no guess work with Georgia's Meal Planner. It's a program for a better life. 

The Body Balance Food Pyramid

It just makes better sense


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