Meal Planner Overview



Georgia's Meal Planner designs meals according to established principles and rules for precise nutrient balance. You select your foods from either of three databases, or a combination of those databases, by choosing which foods you wish to have included in your planned meal and the desired amounts you want to eat. You select which proportion factor you want your selections balanced, and Georgia's Meal Planner balances your food selections to the exact proportion factor.


This software is simple and easy to use. It was designed based on a format that removed all confusing factors so prevalent in many diet planners. There are no requirements to enter any personal information or statistics for this software to work.


This meal planner has, as its base, medical research stemming back into the 1950's and has since had over 50 years of proven positive health results in persons having used this method of diet planning and eating.


Shown below is the screen where all meal planning is done. From this one simple screen the user plans every meal. No need to change screens when planning a meal.


We believe this to be the friendliest user interface of any diet or meal planning software available anywhere. And, there are thousands of diet programs out there, yet we believe not one will give you the results you will get when you plan and eat all your meals designed with Georgia's Meal Planner.

The Main Screen

One simple screen does it all!