by Georgia Janisch, R.D.

Nutrition Specialist


My mentor was the late Dr. Keith S. Lowell, the physician that saved my life in 1974. I shall never forget these words

"You can fool yourself, but you can't fool your cells."

 "If you don't control your chemistry.... it will control you."

I will will also never do anything against the wisdom contained within them. What he taught me is the same wisdom I have been teaching people and clients for almost thirty years. Dr. Lowell understood health and what it takes to achieve and maintain it. Even though he was an allopathic (traditional) M.D. he understood the principles of live cell growth, and he knew by what method humans regenerate weak and diseased cells. Dr. Lowell's work on live cell research was not accepted in the allopathic medicine community.


And yet today, with all the medical advances, his work is ignored and worse yet, no one to my knowledge has undertaken any studies in live cell research versus human nutrition. He operated the Lowell Clinic in Houston, TX for three decades until his death in 1988. Many thousands of very ill people went to his clinic and learned how to restore their failing health. I was one of them. Today, I am committed to maintaining Dr. Lowell's work. Today, in my private practice, I teach my clients how to eat and how to feel their best by balancing body chemistry using Dr. Lowell's wisdom.


Occasionally, we might hear the words "balanced chemistry" mentioned, but do you understand what they mean? This Web site is dedicated to Dr. Lowell, a person for whom I shall always hold tender and dear to me. Today I am alive, but otherwise I was headed straight for death before I went to Dr. Lowell's clinic and learned the importance of a balanced chemistry.


As a registered dietitian, I want to share my knowledge with you through this Web site. It will be your key to learning about abundant health. Health is not complex. This Web site makes health easy to learn and even easier to maintain. Here then are the simple rules as Dr. Lowell taught me:


(1) Balance your nutrient intake.



Surprised? Well that's it. There is no rule (2) or (3). It's that simple. When nutrient intake becomes balanced, chemistry rebalances, and cells can regenerate. It then becomes possible to recover from many deadly and degenerative conditions. But to get there takes volumes of thought and understanding.


Therefore, this Web site is a compressed version of my knowledge. My mission is to make learning about good health simple from offering you special software designed for perfect meal planning to supplying you with the finest in body balance products that can help in your journey to enjoying and understanding abundant health. Whether or not you choose to take control of your health is up to you.


I am limited to presenting another way that I have found to be effective. As a dietitian I can only teach. I cannot provide you with any means to a diagnosis, or treatment of any illness or disease. Dietitians work with foods and how those foods affect your body and health. We do not work with drugs or treatments. Only your doctor can do that. We cannot tell you not to take prescription drugs or tell you to not take any drugs you may be taking. Only your doctor can do that. However, we can inform you about what effects some drugs may have in the body. You alone have to make the conscious decision to learn and decide if your health needs rest within your jurisdiction and knowledge bounds, or whether you feel those needs are best handled by someone having the knowledge you do not posses.


It is not the intent of this Web site to tell you what to do. The intent is to teach by presenting my experiences and offer you the products of my experience. If you grasp the basics at this Web site, and incorporate them into your life, abundant health could be yours. And if you decide to take total control of your health by using my Body Balance products, then the road to good health becomes a fun experience. I also ask that you please read the disclaimers below before proceeding deeper into the knowledge base of this Web site.