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Georgia's answers to most FAQ's

What diet programs are available?

Hundreds, if not thousands, of diet programs and meal planner programs abound on the web. There is shareware and freeware and what's available serves a single purpose; that is to plan your meals around certain parameters that include calorie counting and dietary unit control. Basically the end result are diets, or meal plans, that fit your life style, and your body requirements. These programs are designed for weight control, (loss or maintenance), body shape transformation, diet and fitness, or specific illness related control such as diabetes or hypoglycemia. To my knowledge there is no program that balances the three fundamental nutrients to specific researched proportion factors.

What does Georgia's Meal Planner do?

My Meal Planner Software plans nutrient balanced meals thus when consumed regularly can result in balanced body chemistry. When you balance chemistry, your body makes the necessary corrections, thus regulating hormone production, blood sugar balance and other organ functions.

The Meal Planner software contains proprietary algorithms. They compute the perfect nutrient proportions from foods you choose, and are intelligent enough to understand  which foods in your food list are the most offending to chemistry balance, and reduces those to tolerable levels. The result is a personal dietary plan for a perfectly balanced meal, one that you can cook and eat with confidence.

What principle does the software use?

In the 1950's a privately funded medical team, consisting of four physicians, engaged in live cell research to determine if there was a proper healthy diet for humans. The team found that there was a definite relationship between diet and human cell  growth activity. Although the results of the research did not become public, the findings were used exclusively at the Lowell Clinic in Houston, TX for over 30 years. During that time, patients going to the Lowell Clinic were fed diets based on results of the studies. The studies showed that human cell regeneration and growth occurs when foods containing the three basic nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats are combined and consumed in specific proportions. It was further discovered that when the "Ideal" proportion was maintained for all meals and snacks that health in test patients returned even after years of suffering with long term degenerative conditions. The operating principle for this software, then, is to balance each meal using one of the four specific proportion factors for the three primary nutrients. Calorie counting is no longer needed, nor is it required to consider any other dietary units. When the primary nutrients are in balance, nothing else needs consideration.

How does the software work?

The program accesses two read only food databases including the USDA food database. You may customize or modify a third database by adding or changing fields for the foods you buy. You do that by entering the information from the Nutrition Facts labels.

When planning a meal you pick and click the food items you want to eat and enter a serving size for each. The serving size is the desired consumed amount. You must decide which proportion factor is best suited to your needs for all your meals and snacks, as each one is specific for the degree of balance and cell growth you desire. The default factor is set to "Ideal." You may also choose from Fast-Start, Sustaining, or Minimal. The choices are yours to this point.

When you are done, or at anytime, pressing the BALANCE MEAL button instantly reveals your perfectly balanced meal. It might not contain everything you chose, but it will be the perfect meal to eat. You can print, save and even modify your balanced meal and then rebalance it if you modified the list.

It would not be a good idea, however, to pick and click two slices of cake; a scoop of ice cream; two cans of soda pop, and six Oreo cookies, because if you do, the meal planner will catch you doing that, and slice out or cut back your serving amounts to reasonable values. And that might be nothing.  

What does this software balance?

It balances two things. First the fundamental nutrients of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are balanced to the perfect proportion factors worked out by the Dr. Lowell medical team. Then when you eat properly balanced meals for every meal and all snacks, and do it continually as a habit, your body chemistry also balances. When chemistry balances, cells begin to regenerate, and when cells regenerate and chemistry stays in balance your health returns.

What about Dr. Atkins's meal planner software and what is different about yours?

I had my software before Dr. Atkins likely knew what software was. Many diet programs ask too many questions and they are confusing for some people to use. They ask your age, weight, sex, and other things. It's more information than is needed. My programmers knew that and designed the perfect user interface. A good program requires a minimum amount of information and still provides results.

My Meal Planner software is simple. It gets back to basics. You choose the foods you want to eat from things you know. And all you need to know is that higher protein foods are meat, poultry, dairy products and fish. And my software will even helps to choose the higher protein foods. You can't go wrong.

Common knowledge has taught us what a carbohydrate food is, and what a fat food is. Then you pick your foods from the databases based on your knowledge, and let the software do the rest.

The Atkins meal planner does not balance selected foods let alone compute the perfect meal. Meal planning is so easy using my Meal Planner software. Other programs don't work on the same principles.

How did you get the software?

I hired a specialist consultant to write this software in 1995 when computers were inherently slow and few households had one and the internet was just a word. In about three months after I hired out the task, I had the first version of the program. Because computers were slow and they were not household items the program sat, unused, except by few of my clients who had computers and bought the early version.

The old version was not internet ready and also was in need of additional enhancements. So, I hired the same firm to redo the entire program with additional features. This version is all new and now also carries a new name. Hence this will be Version 1.1.0. It is now ready and optimized for speed and also includes the USDA food database. It has intelligent hierarchy offending food slasher, serving size slicing and nutrient balancing algorithms that other programs lack. That's what makes this program design perfect meals. 

Is Georgia's Meal Planner the answer to everything?

Pretty much, as far as proper eating is concerned. I have seen many miracles happen with my clients who have eaten according to the meal plans this software designs

To download the working full version of Georgia's Meal Planner for Balance software call 608 754 2000 and pay for it with your credit card. You will then receive a link to the download site. Quite truthfully it is the best and the easiest meal planning software on the internet or in the world. It gets the job done!  

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