Diabetic II, N.A., Oregon, WI

"With a very compromised immune system, a diabetic II, overweight and taking lots of medicine that was not helping, our neighbor suggested we seek help from Georgia. Testing found out he was hypoglycemic, not diabetic, has followed her diet for 1 1/2 years, lost weight, able to get off much of the medication, stay out of the hospital, has not had pneumonia/bronchitis for 1 1/2 years. Has energy back, does aerobics, lots of walking and able to work a part-time job again."

Allergies, athletic performance, T.B.,  Milton, WI

"My story begins at such a young age that it is hard to believe how ill I used to be and how far I've come. And it's all been because of the guidance, friendship and true belief Georgia had in me.
I used to have chronic stomach problems, which resulted in massive pain, vomiting and bloody stools, all accompanied by severe mood swings and behavior problems. After seeing numerous doctors, including specialists, and years of failing treatments, I was told it was all in my head and that I was just rebelling to get attention.
Then came Georgia, who believed what I was telling her and recognized what she says is so common in the world today: nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. By following her guidelines, I have become healthy not only in my body, but also in my mind. I truly believe that Georgia can help anyone who wants to be helped. As a grateful client, I encourage you to listen to her."


Multiple Sclerosis, C.C., Janesville, WI

"In 1983 at age 27, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. My vision was impaired, and I was in and out of a wheelchair. Traditional treatment offered no relief.
     I was referred to Georgia by a co-worker whom I was training to take over my job. I tried the nutritional approach Georgia recommended.
     Within six months, most symptoms were gone, and I returned to work. Today, 14 years later, I'm still employed full time -- and still following Georgia's recommendations."

Overweight, lacked energy, D.S., Waunakee, WI

"Before I was introduced to the Body Balance diet I was overweight, lacked energy, was easily susceptible to illnesses such as colds and flu, and generally felt like I was geriatric, even though I was only approaching 40.
A friend and co-worker passing by my cubicle during our lunch break noticed that I was eating popcorn and drinking a diet soda. He started laughing. I asked him what was so funny. He said that if I was trying to keep my weight down, I was going about it the wrong way. He then proceeded to tell me a little about the Body Balance diet and gave me Georgia's phone number.
I called Georgia and told her I was only 40, but felt like I was 60. She said that she was older than that, but felt like she was 20. I made an appointment for a complete workup. She taught me how what I had been eating had been affecting my chemistry.  Her diet recommendations interested me. After a few short months (now going on 5-6 years) I had to admit, she was right.
As a man of science, I dove into her ideas and verified them, then put them into practice. There is no doubt about it: my weight dropped, my energy went up, and I felt like a young man again. 

Thanks Georgia."


Panic attacks, fatigue, depression and an irregular heart beat, J. O., Janesville, WI

"I suffered from night panic attacks, an irregular heartbeat, depression and a frightening feeling of impending doom. Bedridden with extreme fatigue, I was often unable to get to work. Although I have a degree in nutrition, I was unable to find a solution to my problems.
     Then I met Georgia. She had a different nutritional approach. She taught me how to eat and how to balance my diet for my chemistry. It worked.
     I have Georgia to thank for steering me in the right direction, especially considering all the improper diet information the public gets."


ALS, B.G., Jefferson, WI

"In mid-1997 I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease) and given a prognosis of continued deterioration. In March of 1998, I began the nutritional protocol recommended by Georgia. Today, over two years after my diagnosis, my condition has not deteriorated, and medical analyses have shown progressive improvement in my lungs and muscles. I am able to continue enjoying my favorite hobbies of hunting and fishing."

Infertility, degenerative disc disease and back pain, C.S., Waukesha, WI

"After six years of marriage, my husband and I wanted to become parents, but had not been successful. In addition, degenerative disc disease from a lifting injury was causing severe back pain and affecting both of my legs. Physical therapy did not work; it made it worse. I tried Georgia's nutritional approach. It not only relieved my back pain and leg problems; it helped me lose 40 pounds, and I since have given birth to a healthy baby boy. I now stress the importance of nutrition to the patients I work with."

Multiple Symptoms,  W.H., Janesville, WI

"I have been plagued with serious health problems most of my life. As a child, I often had swollen glands, tonsillitis and flues. I lost most of my hair following the birth of my first child, and I developed bursitis severely enough to be hospitalized and maintained on medications. Then I developed cysts that became abscessed. I also have mitral-valve prolapse.
I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and was treated with gold shots. At 30, I had a hysterectomy. When I reached 38, I became paralyzed from Guillian Barre syndrome. I couldn't walk, my face was "frozen", my eyes would not close, and I was unable to smile or swallow. The disease paralyzed my kidneys, and the doctors predicted I would not survive.
But I did survive, only to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Surgery left me in such pain that I was unable to sleep. I developed continual cold sores, fever blisters and hives. I gained weight rapidly, had sleep apnea and blurred vision.
Stroke-level high blood pressure caused severe vomiting and put me into a semiconscious state. Severe headaches made any kind of noise unbearable. I was treated for seizures, had numerous urinary tract infections and existed on water pills so I could get shoes on my swollen feet.
Since starting Georgia's dietary program, most of my symptoms are gone. My immune system is strong, my cholesterol (lipid panel) is excellent, my blurred vision is gone, and my ability to think and concentrate has improved tremendously. My blood pressure is under control, the color is back in my face, and I have lost 40 pounds and 25 inches. My family and friends tell me how great I look. It's like a miracle. I have never been so happy."


Headaches, depression, insomnia, allergies, asthma and attention deficit, R.W., Milwaukee, WI

"When I met Georgia, I was a 25-year-old college student, overweight, depressed and sick a lot. I had headaches, mood swings, severe allergies, asthma attacks, PMS, acne and painful breast cysts. My concentration was poor, and I couldn't read a paragraph in a book without falling asleep, leading to 1.9 grade-point average.
When Georgia taught me how to balance my chemistry through nutrition, my world changed. I found relief from all symptoms and lost 20 pounds. To my surprise, my limited attention span, which I thought was a learning disability, improved enough to raise my grade point to 3.8."


Happy with new Egg Protein

Hi Georgia and staff,


I was so pleased to find your 100% Egg White Protein at the store today. I have been using the 100% egg protein but I love the idea of organic even better. (By the way, I get it at the Woodman's in Carpentersville, IL which is not named on your website among the list of stores carrying your products. There is a huge population in this area so I suspect you may capture some business of web-browsers out this way if it was listed.)


I would like to know if there is an expiration date on the product (I could not find one) and whether it should be refrigerated after opening?


Thank you for creating an important part of a healthy diet. I use it in my Magic Bullet blender and am able to get 2-3 servings of veg's and 2-3 servings of fruit in one shake, along with the protein. Not bad for one meal! I also add ground chia seed for good measure.



Kathy Mueller




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